Discover the Beauty of the Canary Island TENERIFE!

When someone says Tenerife, what comes to your mind?

One of the Canary Islands, a volcanic island of eternal spring, the highest mountain / volcano in Spain. That's why people come here - BUT it´s much more!

Before my first trip to Tenerife, I had been looking for photos of places and information about the destination, "so that we could see everything", like almost everyone who travels somewhere for the first time. It was only a one week holiday back then, and that's not so much time to travel such an amazing, natural beauty and views endowed island. And I'm not even talking about all the activities that can be done here all year round. Now I live here permanently and there is no day I would regret my decision! 

Every corner of Tenerife is special and this is exactly the theme of this website. Show to my readers as many places as possible with just the lens of my camera and share as many tips and stories as possible based on my experience traveling around the island.

Finally I hope this website will help you get to know new places that you may not have even known were in Tenerife and encourage you to visit these spots or the island itself.

Join and follow me on my adventurous journey and life in the Canary Islands!

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An easy trail leading from a Canarian village located in the Anaga Mountains to a rock called Taborno.

Beach with waterfall and cave hidden in a protected natural area.



Lovely village hidden in the mountains in the north of Tenerife.

In the next article of TOP 5 section I have selected the best mysterious places, in addition with an interesting history, that you may not have even known were located on the island of Tenerife. Take a look at the map, where I marked the exact locations and paths for orientation and you can hit the road right away!

To begin with TOP 5 section, I have chosen for you the best and most beautiful beaches, both with light and black sand, which you should definitely not miss when visiting Tenerife. All photos are taken by me and the information is purely from my experience and visits to these beaches. Below you can also see a map with...

Roque Bermejo


A circular trail through the Anaga mountains leading to the most northeastern tip of the island.

El Bujero


A challenging hike leading to a rock gate at an incredible height above Los Gigantes



A trail through the Anaga country park with breathtaking views and paths overgrown with tree branches.