Lovely village hidden in the mountains in the north of Tenerife. 

At first I didn't know what to expect from this place. BUT, as soon as we arrived in this village, it immediately flashed in my head - this will be the second Masca. For those who do not know, Masca is a small village located in the mountains on the northwestern part of Tenerife and is built several hundred meters above sea level. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island.

Taganana really impressed me at first sight! It is located in the far north of Tenerife, next to the Anaga Forest and close to beautiful black sandy beaches such as Benijo and Almáciga. It is a Canarian village surrounded by mountains, full of palm trees, dragon trees and overlooking the ocean.

As it's usual on all our trips, right upon arrival we head off immediately on the paths that lead as high as possible. It cost us a lot of effort, because the houses are built quite high one after the other and the journey continues higher and higher. But we do not give up, because we know very well that we always find beautiful views up there. Except for a few locals we saw in the gardens or heard from the open windows, there was incredible peace.
After the hike, we set off on the way down, where we got lost to a house that was abandoned at first sight and overgrown with bushes. We had to explore it. The gate leading to the garden was destroyed, all over the ground there was all sorts of junk, from destroyed wooden furniture to an inverted and rusted construction wheel. Next to the house stands a giant Dragon tree, which is typical for the local flora and the oldest of them "El Drago" you can see in Icod de Los Vinos. The growing curiosity did not let us stay, so we peeked into the house, as we noticed the main door ajar. On the way to the door, we had to pass through the bushes and climb a few ruined steps. Finally we touched the door and tried to open it ... inside just gloom, an old bunk, a mess, and then we saw some hanging clothes. Someone seemed to be sleeping there, but we didn't meet anyone. That was enough for us to explore, and from here we headed down Taganana and were think about what we will find next.
We came to a small square in front of which stood a magnificent church and next to it was a beautiful view of the green surroundings and the other part of the village. Here we had a well-deserved snack and enjoyed the view, where the blue ocean could be seen. Then we continued past the old hermitage and into the narrow white alleys between the houses. There were various stairs leading somewhere and we couldn't wait to see where it would take us. Suddenly we came to a freely accessible terrace in front of one of the houses and we are amazed by another of the views. Out of nowhere, as is typical here, clouds suddenly came and the weather changed relatively quickly from a hot sunny day to a cloudy, colder climate, which brought a spectacle in the form of falling mist from the tops of the mountains. It was something breathtaking and a really perfect opportunity to take photos.
Visiting and discovering Taganana is slowly coming to an end and we head down the rest of the village. That day, our adventure continued into the even more mysterious forests of Anaga. But about that next time ...

Tips for you

• You can get to Taganana easily by bus as well - n. 946 towards Almaciga from Intercambiador Santa Cruz.

• Don´t forget to look out from the windows of the bus or car on the way to Taganana - it leads through mountains and impresses you with amazing views.

• Get off the bus on the station called Taganana and after entering the village go the most up and enjoy the view of the village, mountains and ocean.

• Try to find the abondoned house I described in the article.

• Visit local restaurant called Casa Picar. It´s opened every day beside monday and enjoy autentic canarian food.