Fasnia - Los Roques


A small fishing village on the coast of Tenerife where time has stopped. 

I discovered this mysterious place by accident when I got an idea how to explore as many new places as possible in Tenerife, and my first try was successful. I´ve already traveled the island more or less by car or motorcycle, but just now I found most of the amazing and not so well-known places. Do you ask - how? 

The very best and cheapest way to travel the island is by bus (In Canary Islands the bus is called Guagua). Not even mention how annoying it is to find a free parking space. As a resident, I buy a monthly ticket for 30 euros, and with exceptions like Punta de Teno or Teide, I can travel around the island as much as I like and anywhere I want. So I decided to jump in some bus and try to select my next bus stop randomly.

This trip started in the bus with a broken stop button, which the driver probably didn't even know about. We were headed to the one exact place, but of course we couldn't stop there and in the end we didn't care, so we got off the bus few stations later in the bus station called "Fasnia". 

The very first thing that fascinated me at this stop "Fasnia" is its gas station built in an unusual Arabic style. It is located just by the highway which leads to the capital, Santa Cruz, along the east coast of the island. After admiring this gas station, we headed down the stairs towards the ocean. We were standing on a street lined with benches, where a rock with a viewpoint restaurant rises above us. On the left is a small residential area, behind which is nothing more than a wasteland, and in front of us is a beautiful beach with black volcanic sand, which is so typical for the Canary Islands. But what amazed me the most about this view was the huge rock on the right side, surrounded by buildings. We did not hesitate to explore more!

On the way down, we passed a beach stall where the locals meet and turned right closer to the rock. I did not expect what we would find there at all and I was glad that the journey is walk through and can be continued. In front of us is an old, demolished and probably not maintained for a very long time, swimming pool, directly under the rock, belonging to a blue building with apartments called Bahía. At first this building looked abandoned, but a few people apparently live here. On the other side behind the pool, I saw a dark tunnel leading through a rock, where we headed out later. 

Behind the tunnel, directly in front of us, another but smaller beach appeared and we were surrounded by abandoned little houses, built directly along the rock, between which a chapel was set. In addition, the weather was exceptionally gloomy that day and it gave to such a place even better atmosphere.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to continue anywhere from here. The path is barricaded and if you want to explore more ... you have to descend from the other side of the village. The other part of this mysterious village is even better! It leads through narrow streets with houses built right inside of the rocks.

I was reading in news that Los Roques has been awaiting renovation after one natural disaster that occurred here many years ago,. It could be a beautiful place with promenade along the two beaches where it is possible to go through to the other side of the village by the coast. BUT until then we can go and see this abandoned square with a chapel and enjoy the mysterious atmosphere that this place brings. 

Tips for you

• Behind the tunnel, you can walk along the houses on the left side of the rock and jump and swim - there are built steps into the water and small swimming pool by the rock

• Barricade separating the square with abandoned houses can be bypassed on the side by the ocean and thus you can save time going through a village from the other side.

• The street above the beach offers outdoor exercise equipment to workout - there is peace and in addition a beautiful view. 

• The black sand beach in the village is surrounded by rocks with small caves, which is worth to see. 

• Fishing and snorkeling - friendly