Playa de Castro


Beach with waterfall and cave hidden in a protected natural area. 

Playa de Castro is located in the north of Tenerife near Puerto de La Cruz in the region of Los Realejos. This beach is relatively hidden and must be reached through the protected area of the Rambla de Castro.

The journey to the beach begins at the viewpoint called San Pedro, where there is a restaurant overlooking banana plantations and endless ocean. There are 2 paths leading down, which are separated by a parking lot next to the mentioned restaurant. It's up to you which one you will decide to go, because they both meet down at a signpost. You can check all the way to the left behind the yellow building or to the right, but that's where the ways end. So, go straight over the wooden bridge and then you'll see a path leading down to the left. (see photo below) 

More about the whole trail in the article Rambla de Castro.

The way down leads mostly through dusty paths and over a couple of wooden bridges. In some parts of the trail you may feel like lost in a beautiful oasis full of palm trees and other greenery, (and I'm not even talking about the beach itself with 2 waterfalls) because the rest of the area is quite arid.

The trail leading down to the beach is more challenging and takes some time, but it's definitely worth it. Along the way you will meet many lizards, see stunning views and nature itself. 

We cross the last wooden bridge, which is underneath full of greenery and there the first small waterfall can be seen. The beach is full of stones and pebbles right after the descent, but it also hides black shimmering sand. Playa de Castro is not very large and if there is a high tide, the sandy beach is hidden under water except for the mentioned stones. On the right side there is a giant rock with a small cave and on the left side a beauty in the form of a waterfall flowing from the rock directly to the beach.

Tips for you 

• Before going to Playa de Castro make sure that it is low tide, otherwise the sandy beach is hidden under water and just rocky.

• Take enough food and drinks with you to the beach, you can only refresh yourself up the rocks in the restaurant, which is quite expensive. 

• Sport shoes are better than flip flops for descent!

• There is a bus from Puerto de La Cruz n. 363 towards Buenavista del Norte and it takes around 20 minutes. Get off the bus at San Agustin station to find this beautiful beach.