A trail through the Anaga country park with breathtaking views and paths overgrown with tree branches.

Today we head to the protected rural park Anaga, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is located on the northeastern mountainous tip of Tenerife and, due to its high position, offers wonderful views from the woods to the surrounding area. The best way to the Anaga forests is from Santa Cruz de Tenerife through the town of San Andrés, close to the light sandy beach of Las Teresitas. By car, it doesn't matter which way you go, but by bus I recommend the nearest way from La Laguna (Tips - at the end of the article). Everywhere green nature, mountains, stunning views, and even just the journey to these forests is breathtaking.

We got off at the Los Batanes stop and we wanted to go along the road to the Cruz del Carmen viewpoint. Suddenly someone called us and asked, where we were heading. This group of people began to tell us in Spanish about another path leading to our destination directly through the woods. So we did not hesitate and started this forested path and over our heads overgrown with tree branches. At times, you may feel like you're in a nature wonderland.

You will find this route by getting off the bus stop "Los Batanes" from La Laguna and heading straight into the woods in front of you, in the direction of the Cruz del Carmen viewpoint. You can't get lost on this path and you will enjoy the crackling of twigs under your feet, the fresh forest air and the birdsong. We continued, and sometimes we could see the road along the forest. Suddenly, we came to a crossroads and our path leads to the right, where we can already see the building of the local restaurant from behind. We crossed the road and walked around the Anaga visitor center, where you can buy beautiful souvenirs and taste Canarian delicacies. At the Cruz del Carmen viewpoint, located just next to the visitor center, the sun shone brightly against us, and the outline of Teide could be seen in the haze in the distance.

Just to the left of the viewpoint we set out on a path called the "Sendero de los Sentidos", translated as the Path of the Senses, leading down through the forest. Along the way, you can notice wooden signs with pictures of the eye, nose etc... to remind you to perceive nature with all your senses. I immediately fell in love with this path, as it sometimes leads over wooden footbridges, steps and views built of wood at the foot of the hills, which offer wonderful views of the surroundings.

So we went down the way and here and there we discovered bypaths leading along the sides of the main path, which we also explored briefly. We decided not to return and try where we could go down this forest. Suddenly, at some point, we had to cross the road rapidly to continue on the trail. I wrote rapidly, because there are quite sharp, constantly recurring turns in these forests and the car can emerge from the turns at any time.

First we came across the Mirador del Llano de los Loros, which is hidden in the woods and then we continued down to the Jardina viewpoint. I drove around this place several times and each time there were 2 mobile "stalls" with sellers of sweets, fruit, souvenirs, etc. When we came to this lookout, in front of us there were green plains, villages, La Laguna and in the distance it starts to rise and turns into El Teide. The golden hour was approaching and we started to take photos and waited for the sunset. If you do not find a parking space there (it is quite crowded at sunset), do not despair, you can enjoy a similar view from the Mirador Cruz del Carmen, where there are plenty of parking spots.

It's almost dark and we're looking for a bus to take us back to La Laguna. Markings for the stop are nowhere in sight, but on the online maps they are marked directly in a sharp turn at the Jardina lookout. To be sure, I asked the salesman, who confirmed this to us and recommended waving at the driver. In the end, we waited almost an hour due to the delay and the bus suddenly finally arrived. Fortunately the bus stopped at the last minute in a sharp turn, we crossed the road and got on. The driver was not very happy and said that we were lucky he saw us and the next time we have to stand more down the turn. Well I have no idea where.. without any car running over us there. :D

The best viewpoints in Anaga Park

• Mirador de Jardina

• Mirador Cruz del Carmen

• Mirador Pico del Inglés

• Mirador del Llano de los Loros

• Mirador near "Casa Santiago" (restaurant)

• Mirador Bailadero

• Mirador "Risco Amogoje"

Tips for you

•Bus No. 76, 77, 275 from La Laguna will take you to Anaga Park (the journey takes about 20 minutes).

• Wait for the sunset at one of the viewpoints.

• Take a look at the Anaga Visitor Center - on the Cruz del Carmen Viewpoint, which offers lovely souvenirs and traditional Canarian delicacies. Try for example- Almogrote (for cheese lovers) or Barraquito (for coffee lovers).

• From Mirador Cruz del Carmen, continue the way to a dead end that will take you to a magical place called "Pico del Inglés". (check out my map)